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                                                               ABOUT US 



  • The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is a legal entity established under the Construction Chamber Act (SG, issue 108/29.12.2006). BCC is an independent, voluntary,professional association and an official representative of Constructors in Bulgaria. Members of the BCC are 1689 legal entities, 16 educational institutions and 7 non-profit organizations. Members are admitted through 27 regional structures of the Chamber.
    Main goals of the Chamber are:
    to identify and make transparent the activities of persons engaged in construction.
    Τo improve construction works management; to increase the responsibility of builders for the quality of implementation of construction works.
    Τo protect the interests of consumers.        More



BCC 2015


Last year was the year of strenuous preparation of reforms in the branch. As a consequence of our active work in the area of establishment of competitive and honest environment, the consistent policy for changes in the fundamental laws, regulating the relationships in the system, specific work was done on several laws. According to the Articles of Association, I propose to your attention a project for development of the basic policies of the Chamber for 2015.

І. The main priority for 2015 remains the active position of BCC for rendering in compliance of the regulation in the area of construction with the changing conditions in the branch as well as with the European legislation and the specific conditions in Bulgaria. For the purpose: More