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     The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is a legal entity established under the Construction Chamber Act (SG, issue 108/29.12.2006). BCC is an independent, voluntary, professional association and an official representative of Constructors in Bulgaria. Members of the BCC are 1689 legal entities, 16 educational institutions and 7 non-profit organizations. Members are admitted through 27 regional structures of the Chamber.

Main goals of the Chamber are:

• To identify and make transparent the activities of persons engaged in construction.

• Τo improve construction works management; to increase the responsibility of builders for the quality of implementation of construction works.

• Τo protect the interests of consumers.

• Τo improve the reputation and qualification of its members BCC carries out the following main activities.

• Εestablishes and maintains a Central Register of Professional Builders, where Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons shall be subscribed.

• Participates in drafting strategies, analyses and construction development programs and contributes to their implementation.

• Gives expert opinions and participates in the drafting of legislation in the field of construction.

• Supports the development of industry standards for health and safety at work.

• Develops a Professional Ethics Code.

• Participates in tripartite cooperation at industrial and national level and is a party to the branch-level collective labour agreement.

• Maintains contact and carries out consultations in the interests of its members with the competent state, regional and municipal authorities and the organizations related to construction activity.

• Attests Bulgarian construction companies for the conduct of business in the Federal Republic of Germany.

• Organizes information database, and issues newsletter and specialized literature.

• Participates in the development and implementation of regional, national and international projects, operational programs of the EU, the European Social Fund etc.
• Facilitates members of the Chamber in the process of obtaining bank guarantees and loans for the participation in tenders.

• Conducts an annual "TOP 50+" ranking for best manufacturing practice of construction companies.

The Chamber's activities involve close cooperation with representatives of the legislative and executive authorities, with trade offices of diplomatic missions, and with similar non-profit organizations, both at home and abroad.

The Chamber is a member of the FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG), Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).




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