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BCC - About


Throughout the years the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) has not only positioned itself as a significant player in the construction sector on a national level, but has also managed to prove itself as a strategic international partner. Hence, the Chamber is striving to strengthen and support the positioning of the Bulgarian builders abroad, as well as to contribute to the implementation of new and modern management concepts in the sector.

BCC is a legal entity, established on the grounds of the Chamber of Builders Act of 2006. BCC is an independent, voluntary professional association and an official representative of the builders in Bulgaria. Since 2008 the Chamber is a full member of the European Construction Federation (FIEC). In 2015 BCC was anonymously accepted as a member of the European International Contractors (EIC).

BCC comprises over 1386 members and associated organizations, including 10 NGOs and 16 educational institutions. The Chamber's activities are conducted through 27 regional representatives, encompassing the entire territory of the country. One of the main functions of BCC is to support sectors' activities by publishing reports and analyses, developing industry standards and maintaining international network of contacts. Besides the numerous legislative initiatives, the Chamber continuously works for transparency in the sector. It has established and maintains the compulsory Professional Register of the Builders (more than 4400 organizations), BCC also conducts monthly Monitoring of the Public Procurement of Works and designs sample contracts. Furthermore, BCC is traditionally involved in the professional qualification in the sector by implementing different projects on educational courses and measures for skills development. Another significant activity of the Chamber is the implementation of projects in different fields such as energy efficiency, innovation and social dialog among others.

The official edition of BCC is the weekly newspaper Builder, which is one of the most significant communication channels of the Chamber. The newspaper aims at discussing current issues, contemporary trends and challenges in front of the construction industry. The edition reaches more than 5000 institutional subscriptions, including construction companies, ministries, municipalities and embassies, whereas the online edition of the newspaper is visited by more than 50 000 users per month.


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